Saturday, 14 February 2015

Refreshed website, and an upcoming exhibition

Our website TMV Media UK Ltd has been refreshed.

A cleaner look.

Also, have a look on there at the TMV Media - Gallery page for details of the images planned for the Wonderful Wild Norway exhibition, due to take place in Bristol a bit later in the year.

Details of which will be posted here, as soon as they are confirmed.

Greetings cards - Landscapes (Series 1)

Have also started to produce more greetings cards, following on from the success of the Aurora limited edition star stack cards.

The aim is to have a a selection of series of cards, which can be purchased either individually, or in packs of 10, 25, or 100.
Cards are A5, 350gsm silk art card, laminated outer, plain inner. Each card comes with its own envelope, in a cellophane sleeve.  Prices below do not include P&P. Contact us for more details, and other cards available

£1.50 each, or 10 for £12.50, 25 for £30. Contact us for larger volumes.

Greetings Cards - Landscapes Series 1

One year later

It's been noted that the blog hasn't been updated for a year. A whole year.

This blog used to be updated from Flickr, thus why the albums appeared. However this link seems to have been snipped.


So much has been going on.

TMV Media UK Ltd is up and running. The website has been refreshed, and a Fineartengland page created for those who want prints from stock images, as quickly as possible for quality prints.

What else has changed?

The 9-5 office job has been left behind, as it was getting in the way of creativity, and progress.

Also a contributing member of Phor Ltd. Due to launch tomorrow.